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Singapore – Friday, 31 October 2008

MotionElements salute motion graphics artists!

In today’s world of visual galore, motion graphic artists’ works are often taken for granted. Very few people understand the intricacies, tediousness and hard work that are put into a motion graphic work. Through a series of three viral videos entitled “ME Heroes’ Survival Guide” –, MotionElements wants to salute these people who have been silently toiling through the nights, subjecting themselves to criticisms and multiple revisions, just to indulge us in extraordinary visual fiesta.

Three characters are created for this viral series, with each video focused on an individual character: Left-Eye, Buddha-Face and Two-Brainer. Though the videos are hardly representative of the many issues motion graphic artists face in their creative process, they seek to recognize motion graphic artists for who they are – passionate but underappreciated superheroes.

ME Heroes’ Survival Guide –

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Press Contact:
Ms. Lee Hon Choo
ME Evangelist
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