MotionElements packages high definition ocean footage and wintry mountain landscape in cost saving DVD collection.

Singapore – Friday, 12 June 2009

MotionElements Pte Ltd ( launches a new DVD collection of Oceans & Mountains in stock animation.

This DVD box set contains 10 high definition (HD 1080) completely animated hyper-realistic renderings of the world’s oceans and mountains, created by MotionElements artist LumeNation.

LumeNation has been in the digital media business for 15 years. Currently living in Denver, Colarado, he does corporate and promotional video production, contract marketing, motion graphics and animation. His strengths are in motion graphics, concept development, scripting, directing and editing. He enjoys selling stock animation, video and images and would be happy to do it full time. Two of his favourite themes for media creations are travel and outdoor.

Oceans & Mountains
may be viewed at Buyers of this DVD set save almost 40% off the original pricing. The collection is available for both shipped delivery and immediate online download.

About MotionElements Pte Ltd

MotionElements ( is an online marketplace for digital artists to buy and sell royalty-free stock footage, stock animation and 3d models.

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Ms. Lee Hon Choo
ME Evangelist
MotionElements Pte Ltd