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MotionElements Logo

Please do not edit, change, distort, or reconfigure the logo’s shape or colors. It is not intended to be embellished with shadows, patterns, backgrounds or other elements.

Standard Logo:
to be used whenever possible

MotionElements standard logo

Logo Mark:
to be used when there’s limited space

MotionElements logo mark

Logo on Light Background

Logo on Dark Background


You may use these screenshots for your blog posts, press releases, or any stories featuring MotionElements.

MotionElements Screenshots

MotionElements Color

Pantone 1655C
CMYK 0 73 98 0
RGB 235 84 36
HEX #EB5424

Pantone Cool Gray 10 C
CMYK 40 30 20 66
RGB 102 102 102
HEX #666666


#F89406 California



#F4B350 Casablanca



#E67E22 Zest



#666666 Grey



#ECF0F1 Clouds